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Justin Pinkney

Water drop photography


After seeing many amazing water drop photos all around the internet I tried out some quick attempts at droplet collision photos. Armed with a cheap speedlite, a tray of water, and a syringe it was actually fairly easy to get some decent splashes. It still takes a lot of lucky timing, and many failed attempts, so building an arduino controlled water dropper sounds like a pretty fun project and evidently leads to some amazing pictures. There's also an amazingly large difference between milk and water at these scales, but the shapes both make are incredible.

water droplet collision

water droplet collision

Droopy water droplet collision

Pink water drop

Red water drop hand shaped splash

A hand?

UFO shaped milk splash in water

Milk and water drop ufo

Pink high speed water splash crown

Water splash crown

Milk into water mushroom shaped splash

Water splash mushroom

Mushroom shaped water drop

Another mushroom