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Justin Pinkney

About this site 🏡

This is old, since then I gave up the pain of Gatsby and updated the site to run on 11ty

I've had many different versions of a home page over the years. I've left traces on lots of different social media sites (but only really use Twitter now), kept a food blog[^recipes], posted about generative art on a wordpress blog, even written my own simple static site generator (for no apparent reason).

This is my latest attempt (and I'm sure it'll stick this time, honest...). Hopefully this will be a place for me to share some of the more interesting things I make and do and even if it's not much interest to anyone else, hopefully I'll like it. Keep up to date with the RSS feed.

The site is built with Gatsby and will give me somewhere to play with web technologies and learn a little more JavaScript and React. Under the hood I'm writing posts in MDX so I can include slightly more interactive content that in plain old markdown blogs. I've enjoyed seeing some of the recent activity around digital gardens and the indie web and hope to incorporate some of those ideas here too.

Gatsby has impressed me with its ease of use and adaptability, it's made making websites fun again.

Making use of these great things #

[^littlefoot]: Getting Littlefoot to work correctly on the Gatsby production build actually requires something a little different to that described in the readme, see this issue.

[^recipes]: I still keep some recipes at but these are just for me and that food blog is long dead.