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The Wonderful World of CLIP

Last touched February 18, 2021

I realise that I all too easily fall into the trap of writing things on Twitter and thinking “I’ll clean that up, flesh it out, and make a blog post of it.”. But I never do. So better to break it out of the silo a bit first and then work on it later.

I’m excited about @OpenAI’s CLIP, more so than DALL-E and it people are doing some really cool stuff with it (that’s what happens when you release an amazing model!). Here’s a thread to capture some interesting tweets.

Age prediction:

Anime description:

Prompt based image optimisation (using a CPPN):

GAN based image optimisation:

More GAN based image optimisation:

Image captioning:

Matching photos to poetry:

Finding photos with incorrect orientation

Controlling anime generation with text (in conjunction with the http://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai model)

Dataset cleaning and curation

Generating animated visuals for long texts

Making a text to image search for Unsplash photos (which is possibly better than Unsplash’s actual search?)

Judging drawing competitions @paintdotwtf

https://paint.wtf/” “Towards” (😅) zero-shot object detection:

Editing faces in conjunction with Stylegan

(sort of) generating Where’s Wally (Waldo) pictures

I also had something to say about CLIP in this Wired article: https://www.wired.com/story/ai-go-art-steering-self-driving-car/

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